45min Burn! Fitness Galveston

Burn! 45min Fitness Galveston   This program is designed with all fitness levels in mind. The class is also open to everyone. Each workout will have levels appropriate for beginners/intermediate/advanced attendees. Each 4 week session we focus on two bodyparts/fitness aspects to really bring visible results.

This session will be focused on Legs, triceps (back of arms) and Core work. Days: Mon, Tues, Thurs 6pm Cost: $99 for 1 month Questions Can I make up sessions that I miss? The membership is for 1 month of sessions and is only offered Mon, Tues, and Thurs at 6pm. What makes up a session?  We begin the session with a warmup designed to prepare you for the workout that day. Then our coaches explain the workout structure and the different options for each skill level (Beg, Int, Advanced). We complete the workout (Hi Fives all around!). Then we finish with cooldown stretching. Do I have to be fit to participate in the Burn! class? All that is required is the willingness to work! All fitness levels will have options to complete the workouts presented. Also any previous movement restrictions will be taken into account and regressions/substitutions will be provided. Competition Programming Where do I sign up? https://gymsingalveston.com/prices-for-crossfit-galveston-membership/

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