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If you are not familiar with fitness program, you may think that our prices are higher than typical gym memberships.
You’re absolutely right they are but ask yourself what do you get from a typical gym membership?

Why would you pay more than $10 or $25 a month for a gym membership? And it doesn’t even have a pool? Wait, no kiddie care? No Sauna?

What kind of a place is your gym anyhow?
What makes it worth the investment?

Tell them this…
Because its a place where people get fit and healthy in a world of stress.

A place where coaches guide you to strength you never knew you had.

A place where people care about how you eat, how you live and how you feel.

A place where you can develop a community of friends from all walks of life, where a CEO can cheer on a barmaid and a teenager encourages their parents to succeed.

A place that will go out and run 5k’s with you, hell, even marathons to help you get through it.

When you walk into your gym, you get a place that cares far more about your health than the monthly invoice, a place that welcomes you and actually makes you eager to get out of bed at 5am to hit the WOD with your friends.

You get a place that becomes family.
Your gym gets you results and it will make you stronger, faster, healthier and more motivated to reach your potential than you ever thought you would be.

So when people ask how you can pay so much, tell them you’ve found the best place in the world to invest, YOURSELF, and there is no better bargain in the world.

Here is what you get with our memberships:

  • Each of our clients gets one on one attention in every class to ensure their safety and ensure they are reaching their goals.
  • We offer complimentary goal setting sessions multiple times through the year that include body fat, muscle percentage and other readings. We keep track of this for you.
  • Fun events and brunches and get togethers!
  • Coaches that continue to learn and further their education for the betterment of our clients.  We know our coaching staff love what they do, and want to do more of it, they are experts in their field.
  • A bright, clean, well maintained, facility
  • A variety of services to choose from- we have the program that is right for you including everything from nutrition, personal training, yoga, HIIT training, weight training etc… and this is all covered with your membership.

Everyone deserves the same excellent service that we provide. That’s what we believe.

At Fitness program Tidal Wave, your membership includes professionally programmed workouts that are tailored specifically to your fitness capability. You get world class coaching at every session, nutritional advice, and one-on-one help whenever you need it.

When you become a member of Fitness program Tidal Wave, you get unlimited access to our classes, open gym times, and specialty classes. Plus we have no contracts and no joining fees!

New members are invited to get started with a free trial class, view our membership below or contact us, on (832) 705 9852 to discuss any questions you may have. Alternatively, click on the program you’re interested in to apply for membership.

FREE DayOne Intro Class
$0For People New to fitness program
  • Gym Tour
  • Small Group Intro Session
  • Beginners Workout
  • All Fitness Levels Welcome
  • No Obligation
  • No Awkward Sales Pitch
  • Tons Of Fun
$40Per Week
  • 7 Calendar Day Pass
  • No Joining Fee

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