Hang Snatch and Burpee Wall Balls

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Hang Snatch and Burpee Wall Balls

Hang Snatch and Burpee Wall Balls

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Today we are working on the Hang Snatch via skill development.  We are focusing on refinement of technique with no wobble or press up, open hips, no early pulls, etc.  The Snatch is a highly complicated lift and needs to be treated as such.

Power Snatch Tip: At the moment of lift off the athlete should think “drive through the heels” but maintain contact with the platform with the entire foot. The cue to “drive through the heels” can be misleading if the athlete unloads the toe during the lift off. Using “drive through the heels” is an effort to ensure that the athlete does not get pulled to their toes while lifting off.

The snatch from the hang position will help the athlete develop improved ability to use the stretch shortening cycle.

Today’s Problem: Swinging the Bar! Swinging the bar is a common mistake when snatching.This happens when too much space is created between the body of the lifter and the bar itself. The best bar path in the snatch is one that is tight to the body and efficient.

When the athlete gets to the toes too early in the second pull, the knees and hips must be driven forward to complete the movement rather than the optimal technique of knee extension triggering upward hip movement. This forward movement typically manifests itself in forward bar swing.

Strength Workout (SWOD) 5 x 3 Hang Power Snatch (60%-70% 1RM)

Workout of the Day Death by Burpee Wall Balls 12 minutes Start on 3 Reps (20/14) Minute 1= 3 Reps Minute 2= 4 Reps Minute 3=5 Reps etc. for 12mins ending at 15 reps *Failure at any given round equals wall sits for the remainder of the WOD.

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