KB Snatches and Deadlifts

kb snatch So what is excellent form? Well as there are 3 components to the snatch, The POP, The PULL and The Punch, train these 3 different moves on their own. The pop being one arm swings. So when doing one arm swings use the index finger and thumb and grip the Kettlebell on the knuckle of the bell. Then The Pull is the second part of the Snatch where you are doing a HIGH PULL. The third part of the snatch is the ‘Punch’. Remember to ‘wrap’ the bell around your hand using a ‘corkscrew technique’ in the lockout phase of the Snatch. (This is where you are holding and wrap the bell around your hand and hold the bell overhead position). What you should do is to use a slight flick of the wrist to ensure the Kettlebell travels outward wrapping around the wrist without any impact to your forearm. It’s a much more efficient way to perform the Snatch and gets you moving like a marathon runner-getting more reps in without overloading your body and your flexors and extensors in your forearms! But inexperienced athlete  will usually use the flip method, with a slight pull to decelerate the bell onto the top of the forearm- eventually banging and bruising their forearm. This is not good when doing high reps as you will fatigue very quickly and get a nice purple lump on your arm and it will you’re your recovery put a set back to your training time. Strength Workout (SWOD) 7 min EMOTM 4 KB Snatches R&L Long Cycle 7mins Workout of the Day 800m Run/Row 1min Rest Deadlifts (225/155) Hand Stand Push Ups 2min Rest 800m Sprint (Run/Row) deadlift]]>

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