Miss-Fit Galveston BootCamp Sept 3rd

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Miss-Fit Galveston BootCamp Sept 3rd

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(First 10 are $150 for the 4 week program + Nutrition + Body Transformation Plan $25 Off!) Beginners Welcome! Miss-Fit Training: A ladies only fitness class designed for those that are interested in the metabolism boosting conditioning aspects of CrossFit but aren’t nearly as interested in the Barbell work or Olympic lifts. The program is designed to meet the unique conditioning needs of the female trainee looking to get a great cardio workout while simultaneously getting an awesome full body resistance training. This program also doubles as an amazing starting platform to progress to regular CrossFit training if the trainee so chooses.
Q: When is it?
A:  Beginning Tues Sept 3rd ( One extra session at the end to cover the Tuesday Start Date)

M,T,Th: 6pm to 7pm 

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