Our Community Rocks

We are incredibly proud of the Community we have developed at our facility. So much so that we like to give everyone a little spotlight to share what makes them special ! Have you ever heard that saying? ”You need to associate with people who inspire you, people who challenge you to rise higher, people who make you better” Galveston CrossFit Crossfitters are known sometimes as the mildly insane people that do some challenging workouts. We do and we don’t. But when we are surrounded together and the clock counts down, whether we like or not we are in it together. We are all battling the same, some are battling personal demons, some maybe battling old habits but like it our not we are all in it together. I train by myself a lot of days due to my schedule and its pretty boring to say the least. Working out with a motivating group is second to none. By leveraging the power of a great community, our community helps us develop the tools to overcome challenges we face outside of the gym. Through common workouts, we share struggles and the victory associated with overcoming them. Working out within our CrossFit Tidal Wave community makes us feel good and encourages us to push ourselves to new limits that we didn’t think were possible. The community at CrossFit Tidal Wave always provides support and motivation. How often have you encouraged others that haven’t finished the Workout (WOD) yet or even been cheered on yourself? Often people stay behind after they have finished their workout just to provide moral and verbal support to other CrossFitters.  This is a special environment filled with incredible people who think it’s ok to do what you want and will even try and help you achieve your goals. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGLshetApOU[/embed]]]>

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