Student and Teacher Summer Special Galveston

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Student and Teacher Summer Special Galveston

Student and Teacher Summer Special Galveston Do you want to have to battle the weight gained during the Summer next fall? Are you ready to make this Summer the one where you become the fittest you possible? Galveston CrossFit Beach Workout Join in the Fun for the Summer

Whether you’re a collegiate athlete or a high school student wanting to stay in shape this summer, our Summer Special for Students Membership is for you!

[caption id="attachment_12098" align="alignnone" width="378"]Galveston CrossFit Student Discount Caroline and Matt are getting ready for the Summer.[/caption]

Are you a Teacher with finally a little bit of breathing room this Summer? Is it time to finally invest a little time on yourself? Our Summer Special is for you !

  • High school and college-age students (with school ID) or Teachers with valid Teaching ID may join CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston for 3 months only $399.00. This is a $65 discount as well as you will receive $50 in free gifts upon registering.Membership benefits include unlimited CrossFit Classes, use of gym during Open Gym times, Yoga classes, Beach WODs, Specialty Classes as well as a Complementary State of the Art Body Scan for the first 5 that sign up ! Come and join the fun! The membership is for 90 Calendar days starting at the date of purchase. You can contact us through the form below to save your spot ! They are limited and last year they sold out in 3 days !
[caption id="attachment_12097" align="alignnone" width="458"]Galveston CrossFit Student Discount High School Student getting fitter over the Summer so Two a Days aren’t so rough ![/caption] If this special is for you book your appointment below via our contact form and we will give you the discount special upon verification. [gravityform id="1" title="true" description="true"]]]>

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