Students : Make it a priority now

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Students : Make it a priority now

At CrossFit Tidal Wave we are extremely close to a booming Med School. Every year we get a new crop of students and we get to bond with you guys while watching you slog through your daunting years of school. Over the years I have seen those that succeeded and failed at staying fit while attending Med School. Hopefully these tips will you make it through ! Reasons to Workout: The benefits of exercise during your training can’t be overestimated. Students : Make it a priority now

  1. It’s the right thing to do.  Medical personnel do physical as well as intellectual work.  You are taking care of people’s families.  It doesn’t surprise you that policemen, firemen, astronauts and soldiers have physical fitness as a requirement.  It’s no different for you.
  2.  You will have a life after training.  In your 20s and 30s, you may be able to get away with not being active, but those years of inactivity will be paid for later.
  3. You will feel better physically.  You will have more energy.
  4. You will feel better emotionally.  There is a direct effect of working out (stress reduction), but there is also the psychological benefit of taking care of yourself.5. Consistency Not Intensity is key ! While we may feel that if we can’t “Give it 100%” we are wasting our time that line of thinking is flawed. This is a game of showing up and doing SOMETHING to build momentum when you are slammed. Schedule gym time in your day. Mornings are your friend. In general, the most consistent exercisers usually get it done first thing in the morning.  For most medical students morning will usually work.  As you enter your residency, you are going to have to be more flexible. While I am not going to pretend it is going to be easy. We have it programmed to where you are in and out the door in one hour. We have only had success with those taking a little breather and clearing their head before them in the books again. Make a point to block out some time several times a week or you are setting yourself up for a potentially daunting challenge of “regaining your fitness”. [caption id="attachment_12070" align="alignnone" width="714"]Students : Make it a priority now Actual student[/caption] Students : Make it a priority now

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