Thrive + Galveston Boot Camp

Push yourself past your normal workout.

By popular demand CrossFit Tidal Wave brings back it’s Thrive + BootCamp program!

Thrive+ is a high intensity workout that is based around movements that are highly functional, yet easy to learn. In Thrive +, we take away the barbell and heavy weights and focus on body weight movements and short and long distance endurance with some dumbbell and kettle bell work mixed in. The class will include a warmup, a high intensity workout, and cool down. There is proper movement based coaching throughout the class. This class is great for clients of all fitness levels.


Monday through Friday
Beginning Feb
6am, 8am, 6pm

Commonly asked questions:
No additional fee for existing members.

This is good for all fitness levels.

If you are already an existing CrossFit Tidal Wave member this is going to follow the same programming cycle so the exercises will mimic the CrossFit WOD with a cardio focus.

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