Tips for First Time Competitors

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Tips for First Time Competitors

Tips for First Time Competitors Ok guys, I’m damn sure not Rich Froning or anything but I have a few tips for you competitors. Some of this is common sense but I think it may be valuable for most of you guys so here it goes.. Days/week before: 1: Trust in your training! You’re probably more prepared then you think. These competitions are for fun and for you to challenge yourself. Just do your best. If you suck at something then you know what you have to work on. 2: Get a good nights rest. Preferably for a couple nights before the comp. Tips for First Time Competitors 3: Stick to your normal diet. Cheat night can be for after the competition. A few more carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes) the day/night before, if you’re on a low carb diet, may help your performance some. Just don’t go crazy. 4: Give your body a break! You’re not going to get stronger the week of the comp. Keep moving but keep the weights light a few days out from the comp. Let your muscles and CNS recover. 5: Get your gear ready. Have your gym bag packed with your gear ahead of time. Weight belt, oly shoes, wrist/knee wraps, jump rope, snacks, bottles of water and whatever else you may need. Get your outfit and your matching knee high socks picked out the night before. You don’t want to worry about rounded up your gear the morning of. Tips for First Time Competitors Day of the event: 1: Eat something. You gotta fuel that machine! You can’t show up to race with an empty tank. Some oatmeal, half a banana and a protein shake does me right. Keep it light and make sure you get some carbs and protein. Wake up early enough to eat and give your meal an hour or so to digest before the competition starts. Tips for First Time Competitors 2: Show up on time. You’ll have to figure out parking, sign a waver etc. You also want to be sure to be there for the athletes meeting where they will go over the wods, heats and movement standards. Plus they may run out of your size t-shirt before you get there if you’re late! 3: Be careful with the pre-workout supplements! There are countless studies showing that caffeine improves athletic performance. I recommend a little caffeine. That being said, the day of the competition is not the time to try your new super powerful pre-workout. I mean explosive, mind blowing energy and vein busting muscle pumps may sound great but if your heart is about to beat out of your chest before the buzzer goes off, things probably won’t end well. The same can be said for taking a higher dose of something you have used before. If you’ve used it in training numerous times, with good results, use it on competition day. 4: Verify the movement standards with YOUR judge before you start. Demonstrate the movements for him/her to make sure you’re meeting their standards. Judges are human and see things differently. This will also normally get you a little leeway if the rep was questionable. If you do get no-repped, and you don’t know why, ask! No-reps are frustrating but keep your cool. Yelling at your judge will not help the situation. Also, if you need them to count reps or something, tell them ahead of time. Tips for First Time Competitors 5: Pace yourself! Keeping a steady pace and finishing strong is better then going hard for a minute and having to sit there staring at a barbell for the rest of the wod. That being said, if you don’t think you can complete the next rep, rest (a little). Missed reps will zap your energy like no other! Winning is not worth sacrificing your body by getting injured. Rest until you can complete your reps with good form. Tips for First Time Competitors 6: Have fun and show good sportsmanship! Cheer on people from your box and others competing. Remember why you’re there…to have fun right?!? Don’t take things to seriously. Be gracious and respectful in victory and defeat! Tips for First Time Competitors]]>

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