Romanian Deadlifts and Sprints

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Romanian Deadlifts and Sprints

The Romanian deadlift is a deadlift variation that is begun from the hang position rather than from the floor. This exercise was originally used by weightlifters to improve performance in the competitive lifts but the RDL is not really as similar to any phase of the clean or the snatch as many believe.

 It is, however, useful as a cross-training movement to develop specific musculature and specific movement schema. Just don’t think of it as “mimicking” any part of a clean or a conventional deadlift. With that in mind, it is an excellent movement and even if you are not interested in maximum strength or power, you can use the RDL as a part of your resistance training for training the posterior chain (and to help get a great butt and hamstrings).Note that the RDL does not start with the barbell on the floor. It actually “starts” with the barbell in the hang position which is a standing position with the barbell at the waist in a clean grip (regular pronated grip slightly wider than shoulder width). so you can place the barbell in a rack at just under waist height for convenience. If you don’t have a rack and you have to pick the barbell off the floor make sure to do it with a proper deadlift. If you are new to lifting…then do it carefully. Don’t bend over at the lumbar and just grab the thing. Use common sense.


1. With the feet shoulder width stance or a little less. stand with the barbell in the hang position with a clean grip. The hang position is the same as the top position of a conventional deadlift and a clean grip is a regular pronated grip just wider than shoulder width. Feet should be in the same position as you use for a conventional deadlift, which for most is hip-width (close) or just slightly wider. 2. Retract the scapula and bring the shoulders back and chest out with neck in a neutral position with the chin slightly tucked. A neutral position of the neck is one in which the neck is pretty much in line with the torso. That means that the neck is not over-extended (you are not looking up with your head and neck) or over-flexed (you are not looking down with your head and neck). 4. Set the lower back in a tight natural arch. There is no need to exaggerate the anterior tilt of your pelvis a great deal but most will find it helpful to engage the glutes and consciously tilt the pelvis forward just a bit. The point is to make oneself aware of the lumbar lordosis (arch or ‘extension’) rather than to exaggerate it. 5. Take a deep breath and set the mid-section.
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