Hang Snatches and Sit Throughs

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Hang Snatches and Sit Throughs

From the mid-hang position, you must forcefully drive your legs into the ground while exploding with the hips. At the same time, you arms should be relaxed and straight with the elbows pointed to the sides and you should be pressing the bar into your body with your lats. As your hips extend, the bar should make contact with your hips. Do not drive your hips forward to meet the bar, press the bar to your hips.   Patience is the key in the second pull. All too often lifters do not complete the second pull by not fully extending their hips and/or starting to pull with their arms too soon. These are major power leaks in the Olympic lifts. Not fully extending your hips does not allow you to take advantage of some of the strongest muscles in your body. WOD EMOTM for 12mins 5 Box Jumps 10 Sit Throughs Completed rounds for score Box Jumps at CrossFit Tidal Wave Sit Throughs at CrossFit Tidal Wave]]>

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